Dan Fogelberg: a wise man

His music and lyrics always move me. He was truly a Philosopher. In the real-world sense, not an ivory tower academic. He lived in Pagosa Springs, Colorado for many years.

I am frequently surprised to find my personal connection to people and events. Often it’s a geographic connection. just I’ve been to the same place.

My connection to Pagosa Springs in southern Colorado was a trip we took out west in 2021. You cannot help but be awed by the majesty and beauty of the Rockies.

We stopped in Pagosa Springs. As we walked around I saw this sign in a store window.

Having lived in one of the most beautiful parts of Florida, I took it for granted. But like everyone else around me, I soon stopped going to see the sunsets. I stopped going to the beach.

It warms my heart to see that despite living and working and seeing these magnificent mountains every day, one could still see the beauty and express gratitude.

I was also taken by the fact that in this ‘post-religious’ world we live in, this person recognized that there is a great deal of wisdom to be found in ‘unpopular’ sources.

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