If you love what you do, you win

I was listening to an interview with Mike Rowe, the TV host of “Dirty Jobs” fame. He was being interviewed for his book “The way I heard it“, and towards the end of the interview, he’s asked a series of questions the host asks all interviewees.

The last question stood out for me, “One piece of advice for the listeners“. Mike didn’t want to answer, because he didn’t know who was listening, and advice must be tailored to the individual. What’s good for one person at a given time, may not be good for another.

In the end Mike gave the following bit of advice from Robert Frost:

If you can find a way to do thing that needs to be done, and then learn to love it… you win. If you love a thing that needs to be done, and you can do it… you win.”

At 1:18 in the clip below

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