Tag: Speech topic

  • Topic: Leadership

    Ref: Rabbi Sacks “Lessons in Leadership”, in the introduction. This is very suitable for a woman to present. It’s about Miriam and her quiet role. She exhibited leadership, without the spotlight. The Torah presents many instances of Moshe losing his cool; insecurity… Miriam leads the people in praise, in joy Be’er Miriam Period of mourning…

  • Speech topic: What does g-d want?

    Ref: shacharit (p 16) Aylu d’varim…, from Shabbat 127a There is no prescribed amount Why not? What character trait is G-d trying to teach us, build in us? Look up the Talmud ref Shab 127a. Is the text there the same as in the siddur? If not, why not? Check Peah 1:1

  • Foundation vs Chain

    Those who created an organization are the foundation. A good foundation is essential. A good metaphor. However an organization can also be viewed as a chain. Each link is important. The chain is only as strong as its weakest link.