Category: The world around us

  • Have a Nice Day

    I was talking with my son today, and I started by asking him, “How’s life treating you?”. A rhetorical question like “How’s the weather?” launched us into a stream of consciousness discussion about things people say without really meaning it. Take the expression “Have a nice day!” you hear it many times a day from…

  • Modern vs. Traditional Art

    I’m watching a TV show looking at local antique shops. In one of them, the shop owner, “artist”, describes a wall he built along his property line. The wall is made up of old doors, windows, bicycle parts, wooden tables, and other junk. As he described what the wall “meant”, I realized that his approach…

  • 5 Ways to “win” an argument

    Read a tweet this morning… Exactly! 5 ways to win every internet argument – what THEY don’t want you to know! 1. continually move the goalposts 2. make stuff up 3. never admit fault 4. ad hominem 5. strawman